Title: In Death’s Dream Kingdom*
Format: Interactive Streaming Media
Year: 2002

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The work, which is an Internet version of the homonym piece made in mono-channel format (Cfr. Video Section), is composed of a series of digital interfaces. Each interface constitutes a narrative unity, which tackles a subject or situation in a definite space or time. The user, by using the computer mouse, can move throughout the graphic interactors which are in the different levels of navigation, select them and build their own audiovisual setting through the piece.

«At first with web art works, later on pioneering online advanced streaming systems in Spain, the technique and aesthetics of the interface became core elements of Ivan Marino’s Internet production. In the online version of In Death’s Dream Kingdom (2002-2003), Marino created a hypertextual audiovisual discourse about the deconstruction of language and perception, based on a complex weft of fragments of video images (or micro-documentary capsules). An internal attractor device keeps the micro-documentary access elements connected to the interface; the user, as an external interactor, can reorder the elements and create a new narration in the temporal context. Through navigation, an interesting parallelism is established between the images that portray the deterioration of human perception and the unavoidable ‘accidents’ in the user’s course of action, who, in the effort to find a new logical coherence and try to reassemble the order of the fragments, finds himself entangled in the cross of temporal, visual and sound lapses. Although the reconstruction of the observed reality remains in the hands of the user, he only has access to the macrostructure and not to the contents of the narrative themselves. The control of reality is, as in life, merely relative». (Giannetti, Claudia, «Contingencies of The Disasters», in Nor in this case, MEIAC, 2008. Cfr. Catalogue section)

* Note: Produced in collaboration with Luis Negrón and Andrea Nacach. The title is a quotation from T. S Eliot’s poem “The Hollow Men”. With the support of CULTURE 2000 EU, MECAD, Media Centre for Art and Design and the Netherlands Media Art Institute