Title: Going To
Year: 1995
Production: Argentina

While using means of transport, like the train, an odd contrast takes place between the means’ space-time acceleration and the slow halt of the travellers during the period of time between the departure and the arrival to the destination. Iván Marino captures this situation exceptionally, portraying the individuals in a train trip. Very slow images from the inside of the carriage—the time that does not flow—are opposed to accelerated images from the outside—the landscape that slides away—. By convention, physical time prevails over social time. We restrict our time experience to the unilineal and unidirectional movement at uniform speed. The video gives rise in an audiovisual way to the absurd dichotomy between machines’ chronometered time and human time that gives in to speed. (Giannetti, Claudia, "Contingencies of The Disasters", in Nor in this case, MEIAC, Badajoz, 1998)