Title: Litanies
Year: 1995
Production: Argentina/Germany (Post-produced at Filminstitute, ex-HDK, Berlin)

The video‭ ‬Litanies‭ ‬is testimony of the permanent mainstream that to Marino is the representation of the body‭. ‬The complex significance of the frame‭, ‬the camera‭, ‬the monitor‭,‬ and the projection are again called into question in the rule of the illusion of movement of the fifty fields in a second of video‭. ‬The apparent naturalness of the model is distorted by the effect of being recorded by a camera in which the illusion of false movement is minimal‭.‬ ‭[‬…‭] ‬The still frames of the video image work intensely to simulate what could be an illusion of the impossible‭, ‬the picture formed by two fields of the video image‭, ‬attempting to present itself as a still‭, ‬like the litanies of the body‭, ‬in the passing from the photo-chemical to the electronic‭. ‬The dynamic‭, ‬never-ending image‭, ‬which is offered as an almost photographical portrait‭, ‬is the attraction for contemplation suggested by this work‭. ‬‭(‬La Ferla, Jorge, "Audiovisual Creation According to Ivan Marino", in Nor in this case, MEIAC, Badajoz, 2008.)‬